Arkosa - A Bunker Building Board Game

Created by Toon Hammer

Lead your colony to salvation from a treacherous alien planet. A strategic bunker building and exploration board game for 1-4 players.

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Surveys, Surveys, Surveys!
11 days ago – Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 04:30:38 AM

A belated happy new year everyone! I hope your 2022 has started wonderfully ☺️

In the world of Arkosa, things are going well. Mattie is continuing to put finishing touches to artwork (some examples below) and I have been working with WinGo to overcome some of the hurdles I spoke about in the last transmission! All is proceeding according to plan and we have now reached the point we can fully open the pledge manager and send out surveys.

Surveys, Surveys, Surveys!

Each backer should now have an email from BackerKit. Don't forget to check those spam folders if you can't see yours! If you think your email got lost in the post, you can use this link here to request a new one.

Through the pledge manager, you can pay for shipping, add your address and purchase any add-on copies of the game. If you backed for a Founders' pledge, you will also be asked for the name you wish to be inscribed into Arkosan rock! It's up to you what to go for. It could be your name, a friend's name, your pet's name... as long as it's no more than 30 characters then it's all good. Oh, and keep it clean! 😉

Founders' pledge backers will need to complete their surveys before artwork is sent off to the manufacturer, so if you could do this at your earliest convenience, it would be much appreciated! Reminders will head your way as we get closer to that deadline.

When adding your shipping address, make sure it is the relevant address for when your games are delivered in December 2022. If your address changes between now and then, you should still be able to go back and edit it later. Details won't be locked in until closer to the fulfilment date.

Until the next transmission

If anyone has any issues or questions with the pledge manager, then please do send me a message, but it looks like it's all working well so far! Over 25% of surveys have already been completed, with lots of lovely people leaving a tip too, you rock! ❤️ 

We're aiming to have all artwork sent off to the manufacturer by the end of Q1 this year. So you can expect more talk about spruced up artwork in the February update, but come March we should have some more exciting progress to report 🚀

That's all for now, folks!

*Tentacle High Five!*


More Artwork Sprucing, Late Pledges + Punchboard Fun
about 2 months ago – Thu, Dec 09, 2021 at 07:38:32 PM

Festive greetings one and all! 🎄 Hope this update finds you well.  Since the last one, it's been more of the same with Arkosa progress but we've also had a few obstacles to overcome too (more on that to follow). Mattie is continuing to spruce up artwork and make their way through the to do list. Combustible Joe and Alak & Aran are two Arkosa residents to recently get a tidy up. Here they are in a suitably seasonal scene!

Late Pledges

Some of you may have spotted that late pledges are now available through Backer Kit. It's been nice to welcome a few more folks on board the Arkosa train (or space ship might be more thematically appropriate...)! We haven't yet fully opened up the pledge manager / sent out surveys yet but we are looking to do so in Q1 next year. It's all to do with that aforementioned punchboard fun! Let me explain why...

Chip Board, Chip Board, Where Are Thou Chip Board?

You may have noticed that the world isn't in the best states at the moment and numerous supply chain issues have now started to affect our grand plans. Punch out components in the game, like the bunker room tiles and resources are all made of chip board, which is one of those things that is currently in shorter supply.  Therefore manufacturing costs have increased so we've been plotting ways to tackle this.  

At the moment, Arkosa requires 12 sheets of punchboard for all its components. so we've been looking at ways to reduce this number. One thing we've decided to do is use tarot size cards for the bunker colony leaders. Each colony leader would have their own card and the player actions guides would also have their own cards. This would save on about 4 sheets of punchboard. 👍

What's also nice about this solution is it will save on table space as well. Player action guides can be shared between players, and when you are experienced enough that you don't need the guides anymore, you can lose those cards all together.

Mock up of how these cards will look to come in the next update

In general, we are also looking to decrease the total print run of games to counteract the increased costs. This of course won't affect the final game you receive but it will mean you have something even more unique in your collection. 😉

Until the next transmission...

In these turbulent times we knew it was likely we'd have some hurdles to leap! But rest assured, we're working hard to try and stick to our timeline and bring you a great quality game. Hope you all keeping safe and have some lovely festive plans ahead of you  ❤️

*Tentacle High Five!*


Artwork Enhancement + The Secret Meat Dispensary
3 months ago – Sat, Nov 06, 2021 at 05:18:16 AM

Hello everyone! Hope you are all keeping well. Here is your first monthly update of how we're progressing with bringing Arkosa to life. In the weeks that have followed the campaign we have mostly been getting organised with what we need to do before sending the game off to print. We've been in touch with our European manufacturers and have an updated quote en route that factors in the additional content unlocked from social stretch goals (thank you ❤️).

We've had a bunch of interest in late pledge opportunities / pledge upgrades.  You'll be able to do this through our pledge manager (Backerkit) and that will be opening up between now and our next update. If you want to know exactly when that happens, make sure you're subscribed to the mailing list at the top of the official Arkosa page.

Artwork Enhancement

Mattie has been doing a full audit of everything in the game and is now very much in the process of quality control. We want to deliver you the best looking version of Arkosa that we possibly can, so in the coming few months we will be enhancing all the artwork in the game, and that process has already begun.

Below is a table of everything which is being updated. It's a long list but do keep in mind all of the below is illustrated, it's just a case of tidying and enhancing each bit of artwork to a consistent quality. Below the table is an example of what we mean by this and you can see a few pieces of artwork that have already been polished up!

The Secret Meat Dispensary

When playing the standard game of Arkosa, players get to choose a unique room to add to their bunker before play begins. In testing, the Secret Meat Dispensary was one of the most popular choices. During the campaign we had a funding stretch goal to unlock a unique illustration for this particular room, seeing as it had so many fans! We didn't hit that goal but we've decided to go ahead with illustrating this room anyway, because I think it deserves to be seen! So lo and behold, the Secret Meat Dispensary!

Until the next transmission...

That's all for now, folks. The next few updates will mostly be about artwork enhancement but we should be at a point to start manufacturing in Q1 2022. All going well, there's currently no reason we shouldn't hit out December 2022 target 🥳

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave and comment or throw me a message 😊

*Tentancle High Five!*


We did it!!
4 months ago – Thu, Oct 07, 2021 at 03:42:01 PM

What an absolute rollercoaster of a campaign, but we made it!! Welcome on board to all those who jumped in at the last minute, it's great to have you with us 👋 Let's start off this update with some good news...

Social Stretch Goal Progress

 The final social stretch goal was unlocked and the Super Moonshine event item card will be added to the game! It's added along will the Ahbel Cahlun A Colonist card and the Allocation Station A room tile. Thank you for all your sharing and following, it really has made a huge difference over the course of the campaign 🥰

What's next?

The big question! After taking a moment to catch our breath, we'll be jumping straight into the logistics of getting Arkosa manufactured. We'll need to get a new quote from our factory to cover some of the new content and tweaks that have been made over the two campaigns. Whilst that is happening we will be busy finalising artwork ready for print.

Mattie has been continuing to enhance the illustrations in the game, and only has a few items left on their list as of this update. They will need to draw the glorious rock / shrine for all the Arkosan Founders' names to be etched into. Expect a sneak preview of that in a future update! There will be a survey heading your way if you picked up a Founders Pledge to establish what name you want carved into Arkosan stone!

We'll endeavour to give you monthly updates as per Kickstarter's recommendation and we'll be working hard to try and hit that December 2022 delivery date. The world is still a little turbulent at the moment so if any issues do arise you will be the first to know!

Until the next transmission...

That's it for now, folks. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with us and helping us see the project funded. It means the absolute world to me to be able to get this game made and your support is beyond appreciated!! THANK YOU!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

*Tentacle High Five!*


FUNDED!!! + Name That Colonist Results!
4 months ago – Thu, Oct 07, 2021 at 05:05:34 AM

Hello one and all! What a glorious day it is! WE ARE FUNDED!!! Absolutely over the moon to have reached our goal and to know that we will be able to bring Arkosa to life and get you your copies of your games. Thank you for the tremendous support so many people have given to this campaign. We did it!!! 🥳💪

To celebrate, I think it's about time we found out the identity of our translucent colonist friend, don't you? Let's check out the results...

Name That Colonist! The Results...

It was a bit of a runaway winner in the colonist name vote! Well done to Nigel who suggested the name Glormph! A very fitting name if I say so myself! Thanks for all your suggestions and votes 😊

Social Stretch Goal Progress

As you can see, Mattie has completed the illustration of Arkosa's more renowned drink: Super Moonshine! We are tantalisingly close to unlocking this delicious beverage. Currently we sit at 4728/4750 social interactions. Here are all the ways to up that number:

The Last 48 Hours

Now we're in the funding goal clear, why not dream big and shoot for those funding stretch goals, eh? Adding some linen finish cards would be the icing on the cake of this campaign. So carry on spreading the word and let's see what we can do in these last 2 days! 🤞💪

Until The Next Transmission...

Once again a huge, huge thank you from myself, Mattie, Adam and Mandy! We are so grateful for your support and so excited to bring you this game!! Next update will be when we're on the other side, see you there! 😊

*Tentacle High Five!*


P.S. Here's your regular dose of Smallie The Cat...